Snellville GA community partnership

The Snellville Police Department and a local church are partnering to join a metro Atlanta-area effort to produce better relations between authorities and the community.

” It’s an excellent opportunity to broaden the collaboration we enjoy with our community,” stated Snellville authorities Chief Roy Whitehead.

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church will partner with the Snellville Authorities Department as a result of the program, called 1C1P, or One Church One Precinct. The effort was established by Motion Forward, Inc., a social modification company working to protect civil liberties.

1C1P is suggested to bring church congregations closer to cops precincts to connect authorities to the communities they safeguard.

” This ingenious effort is purposed to stem installing tensions in between people and police officers by building collaborations and good understandings,” inning accordance with 1C1P files.

Rev. Canon Elizabeth Hendrick, the rector at St. Matthew’s, said that’s an effort the church was ready to get behind.

” In the last some years, circumstances of excessive use of force by law enforcement, especially towards individuals of color, has created scholastic studies, news article, and claims,” Hendrick stated.

St. Matthew’s member Gregory Andrews is coordinating the 1C1P effort at his church. He said he thinks the collaboration with local authorities could assist cool a few of the friction those studies and claims have developed in his neighborhood and beyond.
” There’s absolutely nothing volatile in Snellville,” he stated. “But you must march and do exactly what you can to prevent bad things from taking place.”

St. Matthew’s will be one of the first 15 churches around the city Atlanta area that will pilot the program by “adopting” their regional cops department. The department and church will pool their resources to come up with criminal activity battling and prevention activities based on the area’s needs.

It’s uncertain at this moment what form those activities might take in Snellville, but Hendrick said she’s delighted for the opportunity the church has to steer the future direction of the program.

” It is our hope and prayer that the collective collaboration between the officers of Snellville Police Department and members of St. Matthew’s will lead to experiences we can show the 1C1P coordinators,” she stated. “So that this program can broaden beyond the preliminary 15 sites to every police department and faith parish who wants to get involved.”