Covington places to eat

On the very same town square the TELEVISION series Heat of the Night was recorded, lies the Mystic Grill which was included in the tv show Vampire Diaries. While vampires no longer lurk in Covington, the food is bloody good and is one of the best dining establishments we have actually ever checked out OTP.

Let’s speak about that dream you have every Thursday night. You know, the one where you’re greeted at the bar by a blue-shirted Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig), who looks deep into your eyes and asks, “Exactly what can I get for you?” Well, Vampire Diaries fans, that a little obsessive little dream will become a reality, as The Mystic Grill is in the procedure of being made into a real-life restaurant in Covington, Ga., where The CW series is filmed!

” We very much intend to open by summer,” Covington resident Angie Henderson Beszborn tells the Newton Resident about the dining establishment, which she describes will serve lunch and supper. “Southern comfort food with a touch of fine dining.”

The outside of the existing Mystic Grill is utilized for exterior shots on The Vampire Diaries, but when the cast movies scenes inside the grill, they do it on a separate soundstage. The structure, formerly an office for lawyers and accountants, currently boasts the Mystic Grill sign out front– so, hey, why not turn it into a real-life dining establishment?

Angie and spouse John Beszborn, already owners of Covington restaurant Bullritos, are partnering with Mayor Ronnie Johnston and wife Kelly to make the Mystic Grill a reality. The foursome is looking for funding through the Department of Community Affairs Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund– though I can think about a few million fans that wouldn’t mind throwing a dollar each their way!